Piercing Blue Eyed Skull Ring - Skulltimate

Some bikers like to go about things halfway, and some really enjoy the quieter side to showing off their biker love and style, but there is something to be said about really just rolling up your sleeve, putting the war paint on, and just going for it.  This Piercing Blue Eyed Skull Ring has a lot to show you with its big and bold style, beautiful accents that show off a fierce expression, and bright blue eyes that will help you give off the right vibes to all of those who are listening.

            The mini skulls that are on the side of this big ring are great for added detail and they are darkened perfectly to show themselves off just when you want them too.  There is so much you can say and do with this great skull ring, so go on out there and try it on for yourself.  See how you feel.

            As with all of our products, the ring is made out of high-quality stainless steel, and while they are extremely durable and ready for a life of use and abuse, we offer a lifetime warranty on it so that you are always looking fine and ready to roll.

$ 29.95