Iron Maltese Cross - Badass Ring - Skulltimate

Classic, big, bold, and not afraid to tell you how it is, this Iron Maltese Cross Badass Ring is going to impress you in a way that not many other rings can.  It's all about the bold cross on the front and the sides of this wide band ring, but it's also got everything you need in the fact that it is offset and emphasized by taking a look at the admirable black matting that is perfectly applied to this piece of jewelry.  If you are looking to really get out there and show your stuff to the world, this is the way that you want to do it.  Perfect for the big biker who wants to show off all of the things that make him feel the proudest of his gang, this is a great idea to prove just that.

            As with all of our products, the ring is made out of high quality stainless steel, and while they are extremely durable and ready for a life of use and abuse, we offer a lifetime warranty on it so that you are always looking fine and ready to roll.

$ 29.95