Monster Skull Soul Eater - Skulltimate

There's nothing wrong with showing the world what you're made of, right?  Do it in a huge and detailed way with this fantastic and enviable Monster Skull Soul Eater ring.  As the name suggests, this ring has so much bad ass attitude in it, it'll gobble you right up.  This is the perfect accessory that you can use to show your partners in crime just how much you care about the unique lifestyle of the biker.

            Created so that it will swallow your finger whole and leave no doubt as to what you are trying to say to the world around you, this soul eater ring is a great gift idea for that biker that is really looking to show the world what he's made up.  Works great in a fight, too, so it's practical and looks great on the biker looking to send a message.

            As with all of our products, the ring is made out of high quality stainless steel, and while they are extremely durable and ready for a life of use and abuse, we offer a lifetime warranty on it so that you are always looking fine and ready to roll.

$ 29.95