Wolf's Head Ring - Spirit of The Wolf
The Wolf's Head stainless steel ring. The spirit of the wolf lives inside you. 

You've seen all of the skull and cross bones options, but they're not entirely for you, right?  No problem, you can branch out on your own and find something that is much closer in line with what you are thinking about.  This wolf ring should be a pretty good place to start with its excellent detailing and fierce expression that will make you smile in appreciation.

            Available with a silver or a black finishing touch, you will get a unique look and the spirit of the wolf flowing through you, a symbol of strength, courage and respect.  If you going out with your biker gang and showing your stuff to others, this is a good feeling to have running through you.  Not to mention that your competition will admire its look and its message, too.

            As with all of our products, the ring is made out of high quality stainless steel, and while they are extremely durable and ready for a life of use and abuse, we offer a lifetime warranty on it so that you are always looking fine and ready to roll.

$ 29.95